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Pin Options - Jazz up your pin!

Pin add-ons and options are a good way to spice up your pin's appeal.  Different options are listed below.  Keep in mind that most of these options add additional days to your order production time.

dangler Danglers - Adding a dangler to your pin design is the most popular way of increasing value, appeal and trading power to your pin. A dangler is a secondary pin that hangs down from the main pin by a small jump ring or even a short chain. Danglers are the most durable of secondary pins.  Danglers are quoted (based on size) as an additional pin and start at $0.95 per pin.  100 piece minimum order.

bobble-head Bobbleheads - Bobble heads are secondary pins that are connected to the main lapel pin using a spring attachment instead of a chain.  The spring enables the "bobbling" action of the pin.  Make a head bobble or have your logo spring off the outline of your state.  Bobbleheads are quoted (based on size) as an additional pin and start at $1.05 per pin.  100 piece minimum order.  Warning: Bobbleheads are the least durable of secondary pins (springs can stretch, bobbleheads can break off)  - as a consequence you should order extras.

slider Sliders - Sliders are secondary pins that are attached to a main pin via a cut-out sliding slot.  The secondary pin is able to slide a short distance along the main pin, adding movement to the design.  This addition is great for making a player slide into home base or showing a ball flying into the sky.  Sliders are quoted (based on size) as an additional pin and start at $1.05 per pin.  100 piece minimum order.  Only for enamel pins.

pin on pin Pin-on-Pin - Pin-on-pins are second pin layers that are permanently attached to a main pin in a designated, immovable position.  These are also called double-layer pins.  The addition of second pin layer allows for the incorporation of a layered, 3D look.  It is possible to add more than one pin-on-pin to the main pin layer if required.  A pin-on-pin works best on hard enamel, but can be used with soft enamel as well.  Pin-on-pins are quoted (based on size) as an additional pin and start at $0.95 per pin.  100 piece minimum order.

spinner Spinners - A spinner is a second pin that is attached through a hole in the main pin and capped off, allowing it to spin freely in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.  A spinner can be used to creative movement in the wheels of a car or a hurricane hovering over the main pin.  The rarity of this feature causes it to make spinning pins highly tradable.  Spinners are quoted (based on size) as an additional pin and start at $0.95 per pin.  100 piece minimum order.  Only for enamel pins.

z-axis-spinner Z-axis spinners - Also a second pin, a "Z" axis spinner is attached on a metal spin rod to the main pin and spins differently than a regular spinner.  The rod has parallel alignment with the surface of the main pin and is the central axis of the spinner's motion.  The rod runs from top to bottom through a double-sided spinner pin.  This sturdy pin then rotates around the rod showing both the front and back of the spinner pin.  A Z axis main pin and spinner are thicker than ordinary pins, typically 3mm.  This rarest type of spinner pin can add weeks to production & assembly time.  Z axis spinners are quoted (based on size) as an additional pin and start at $2.00 per pin.  200 piece minimum order & $125.00 Z-axis setup fee.

blinkies/LED Blinkies/LEDs - Blinking LED lights, commonly referred to as "blinkies", have been a popular addition to trading pins for years.  To create the blinking effect, a small light bulb (LED) is placed on the pin and connected to a small battery attachment on the back.  The bulb begins to blink when turned on using a small button.  Up to six total blinkies may be added!  Sometimes a safety pin attachment is used instead of spur nails on the pin backs.  This feature is a more expensive add on, is less common and will help make your lapel pin stand out. Blinkies add $1.25 for the 1st LED light and $0.50 for each additional light.  Blue and white LEDs are $0.25 more per light.  100 piece minimum order.

custom-back-print Custom or blank back print - Put your corporate logo, organizational mark or your player's names/numbers on the back of the pin and free up room for your design on the front!  This works on any of the pin types.  Photoscreen pins are single color imprints.  The die struck, soft enamel and hard enamel pins are raised metal.  $50.00 setup per unique custom imprint.  Or get a blank back for $25.00 per design (removes the "Metro Pins" mark).

3D molds 3D pin molds - There are no mold charges or fees for pin orders with normal 2D designs.  Sometimes a client would like a pin designed with TRUE 3D attributes though, and we can do it!  It will add $50 to $200 to a pin order depending upon pin size (3/4" - 3") and design complexity.  3D designs are only available with die struck, soft enamel & hard enamel pins.  Die struck & soft enamel pins normally have raised ridges that are part of the pins, but these are not considered 3D, merely normal 2D surface texturing.

3D Bubble 3D Bubbles - Acrylic 3D bubbles are a great way to make your pin stand out from the crowd.  An acrylic 3d bubble, is essentially an acrylic sphere, cut in half and affixed to the pin surface.  They sit up off the surface of pin.  A clear one will magnify whatever is underneath it on the pin design.  Many colors available.  Most 3D bubbles are $0.50 per piece and are not available in all sizes.

Glitter Glitter - A mixture of colored glitter and paint enamel is added to the recessed areas of your pin and then coated with an epoxy dome to protect the glitter and add a shine and sparkle effect.  The glitter sparkles in even the faintest hint of light and adds an extra sparkle to your already shimmering design.  Glitter is available on photoscreen pins too but tends to lay much flatter when compared to soft enamel pins.  Soft enamel pins will come with an epoxy coating on surface of the entire item if they have any glitter areas by default.  You may request no epoxy on your soft enamel glittered pins as long as you understand glitter may permanently get onto other areas of the pin during production and can come off on your hands, clothing, etc.  One color of glitter adds $0.20 per pin, and two colors are $0.35.

glow in the dark Glow in the Dark - Glow-in-the-dark powder can be added to PMS enamel. Different color glow-in-the-dark powders may be added to enamel (changing the enamel color some). We determine how much powder to add, depending upon the requested enamel and glow powder colors. It is a subjective determination however and you should understand this in full before ordering. Learn more here.

gem-stones Gemstones - Small artificial gemstones can be affixed to your pins at predetermined places.  These significantly increase the appeal and trading value of your pins.  You could add a pair of gemstones as eyes or headlights.  Use gemstones to distinguish between different years of service for employee pins.  Colored or clear acrylic gemstones add $0.20 per gemstone.

cut-out Pierce holes / cut-outs - Pin designs that require a portion of the lapel pin be removed or cut out will incur an additional setup fee and per pin charge.  Furthermore, pins that incorporate a 'hollowed out' area with only a small opening at the edge of the pin will incur cut-out charges.  It takes additional time & effort to remove leftover metal from cutouts.  Holes for danglers do not incur a charge.  Cut-outs are quoted, but each cut-out is typically $0.15 per pin with a $25 setup fee.

translucent enamel Translucent enamel - Portions of a design can be be covered with translucent enamel on both soft enamel and hard enamel products to add special effects.  e.g. A textured pine tree can be covered with dark green translucent enamel leaving tree details visible underneath.  The appearance of translucent colors will vary or transform depending upon underlying metal plating color.  Silver plating has the least color impact, gold plating has the most color impact.  Black nickel and black dyed plating make translucents much darker.  Translucent enamel colors are typically $0.25 per piece per color.

          Pro Tips:
          •  Combine cut-outs with translucent hard enamel to create a see-through effect.
          •  See-through effects can be further enhanced with LEDs behind the translucent enamel.

Sequential numbering - Add sequential lasered numbers to either side of a pin.  Make your pins into limited edition runs.  Adds $25 setup and $0.25 per pin.

Custom names/number - Add your own customized list of lasered letters and/or numbers to either side of a pin.  Adds $25 setup and $0.50 per pin.

Deluxe clutches & pin backs - A standard spur nail post and military-style butterfly clutch is the norm when it comes to lapel pins.  Other styles are available however.  Safety pins, deluxe clutches, rubber clutches and other backs are available for an additional fee.  Available pin attachments

Plating Options - Numerous plating options exist, depends upon the type of pin you choose.  Various polished plating options are available and are bright & shiny (no extra cost).  Various antiqued plating options are available and have more of a matte finish.  Additionally, PMS Dyed plating is available in most Pantone PMS colors (adds $0.20/ea).  See all Plating Options

See pin attachments
(Deluxe backs, keychains, safety pin, apparel magnets, etc.)
See size comparison
(Visualize different pin
sizes with this guide)

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