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Terms & Conditions - last update 11/20/2015

At Metro Pins we believe that our satisfied customers are the reason for our continued success.  We back each and every custom product we manufacture with outstanding customer service practices and quality.

Each order is created through a team effort.  You are a very important part of our team.  We rely on you for vital information in order to produce the specific custom products you want.  While we are working together, we each have responsibilities.  For your convenience, we have included these responsibilities below.  These are the terms and conditions that govern all of our sales.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

A.  Metro Pins shall:

  1. Stand behind our products and our service. Metro Pins backs each and every product we manufacture with a 100% Product Quality Guarantee.  We will replace any defective custom product or any product with impactful manufacturing variations.  Non-impactful manufacturing variations do occur and are normal.  We require that you submit your written claim of defective product and accompanying images to us within 14 days of delivery to your shipping address. For purposes of this guarantee, the term "defect" or "defective" means a manufacturing error that is our fault.  Because we only make custom products, those products cannot be returned for any reason. We will not be liable for profit loss, cost, or any other reasons caused by missed deadlines due to shipping delays or any other uncontrollable events.

  2. Impactful vs. non-impactful manufacturing variations DEFINED (click for details)

  3. Give you accurate information. Prior to starting production, you will receive via e-mail a digital proof of your final custom-made product. This high-quality digital proof will allow you to spell check, verify color, size and make any additional changes or corrections prior to starting production. The "size" of your lapel pin is determined by measuring the widest or tallest point of your design. The size representation on your proof is for illustrative purpose only - to help you understand the actual size of products. The size representation is not the size you are required to order or will necessarily receive. You will select your item size when you place your order. Different pin types represent color differently, see below. We assume that you have taken the time to understand what you are ordering before you provide us with your payment information.

  4. Where applicable, we use the Pantone (PMS) color matching system, and it is important that you indicate your color choices using Pantone PMS numbers. For additional information regarding the Pantone (PMS) color matching system, visit the Pantone site at In addition, because all computer monitors & printers do not display colors in the same way, you should confirm your color choices by consulting a Pantone (PMS) color book/chart, which are available at most art supply stores and some libraries. If requested, Pantone (PMS) numbers will be listed on the proof so that you can verify them easily. If your desired color is specific, you must tell us the PMS color.  Do not assume your computer monitor or printer is correctly representing the colors accurately. Shades and color hues vary from monitor to monitor and printer to printer. On photoscreen and other printed pins, brighter colors are not typically as bright as on the digital proofs, especially with ultra bright colors like hot pink, lime green, neon yellow, etc. Soft enamel pins are recommended for the brightest colors. Do not use a cellular phone or smart phone to view your proof - colors will not always be accurate.

  5. Acknowledge your order. After we receive your payment information, you will receive an order confirmation (a.k.a. receipt) via email. This email will contain: (1) written specifications of your order (including pricing, type, size, quantity, colors, and the estimated production time), (2) the finalized digital proof to be used (incorporating any additional changes or corrections), and (3) a link to our terms and conditions page. This email is our understanding of what you requested when you placed your order and is the only binding communication from us about your order. If you do not receive an email, that does not mean your order hasn't started... all orders are started immediately. Please contact us immediately if you need another copy of your receipt.

  6. Produce your order correctly & quickly. Once we have received your order, we will produce your order within the following estimated time frames unless otherwise specified: Standard ship - 30 days or less, Rush ship - estimated 15 days or less. 3-D molded lapel pins, zinc alloy lapel pins and dual-plated lapel pins require 18-21 days to manufacture. May through July is the busiest time of year and delivery dates can exceed normal estimates during this time for a variety of causes. FYI, our rush production option will bump your order to the head of the production line and can help lower delivery estimates. We reserve the right to select packaging, attachments and findings to best work with your items at our discretion. Blinking, LED-lighted lapel pins and add-on pins like danglers, spinners, bobbleheads, sliders, etc. require additional time to manufacture. Large, specialty or complex orders may require additional production time. Replacement orders are subject to the same production time frames (as set forth above) as the original order. For more information, please speak to your sales representative. Your finished order will be shipped via UPS/FedEx using whichever level of service indicates an on-time delivery to you. At our option, we may direct ship from the factory.

  7. Communicate promptly! We want this to be the best experience you have ever had when ordering custom promotional products. If you have concerns, constructive criticism, or compliments, we'd love to hear from you. Phone us at 1-405-455-5941 or contact us via email at
B.  Customer responsibilities include:
  1. Read Section A above.

  2. Understanding that custom item sales are final. You are not purchasing a dishwasher that can simply be returned. You are purchasing fully customized items with no use to anyone but yourself. Once an order has been placed, it is started immediately and cannot be canceled. Only place an order once you are sure you need/want it - this is your responsibility!

  3. Legal ownership of any and all logos, trademarks and copyrights. By submitting your design to Metro Pins, you represent, warrant and certify to us that you have the legal right to reproduce (or have reproduced) any logos or other images associated with your order. You also certify that the production of any images you submit does not infringe on any other person/entity's intellectual property rights. Be sure you are doing the right thing... when in doubt... ask. For questions specifically related to this issue, email

  4. Respect our copyrights, designs & time. Do not send our design proofs to other companies, as it is not authorized without our written permission. We work hard to produce artwork design proofs for you, but they are not yours, nor are they 'owned by you'. The proof artwork we produce belongs to us. Only the logos or original design art you provide are warranted by you to be yours. You have given us permission to include those logos or artwork in our design proofs. We do not charge you for our design proofs, so please have the common decency to respect our copyright and design work.  Be cool, don't send it to another company!  If you violate our copyrights, we will undertake all efforts to gain recompense from you and make sure our friends in the industry know about you and what you do.  FYI, we see Instagram, Deviant Art, Etsy, Facebook Groups, eBay, Cooperstown - Pete's Pins, etc.  Amongst other things, legal penalties against a copyright infringer under federal copyright law provide for a monetary range of $200 to $150,000 for each work infringed, as well as all attorney's fees and court costs.

    As we do not charge you for our design or time, please have the common courtesy to let us know whether you will or will not be proceeding with an order.  Simply put, don't blow us off... let us know either way - we worked hard for you at your request!  If you can communicate with us to create a design proof for you, but then you choose to not communicate again with us, we will never make another free design for you.  Further, we will submit details about both you and (if applicable) your organization to the Creative Professionals Alliance, so that other companies like ours can avoid wasting time on clients like you.  If you have us make several designs, but then never order any of them ("That project was put on hold", "We won't be moving forward", "Presales weren't what I expected", etc.), don't be surprised when we tell you we're going to pass on your next project or require you to pay for any new design proofs.  We are friends or acquaintances with many of the major companies in this industry.  We simply ask that you respect our work and our time.  Respect other's work as well - if you will violate another company's copyright by sending us their design proof, we do not want you as a customer.  We will inform the company whose copyright you are violating.  For questions specifically related to this issue, email

  5. Giving due attention to the proof and ordering when ready. Once you receive the digital proof, carefully review it in detail. Please give special attention to (1) the design you have chosen, (2) the spelling of words you have chosen, (3) the inclusion of all design elements, and (4) the colors you have chosen. If there are changes or corrections required for your proof, let us know by email. Unless otherwise requested, we will use the last design proof we sent you for the production of your product. Because we are producing a custom-made product with no market available for canceled orders, an order may not be canceled or changed for any reason. Further, all orders are paid for fully in advance of us starting them. We do not offer terms, 50% down, etc. Unless you have provided a Pantone PMS color number, we cannot guarantee a specific, exact named color hue (i.e., navy blue, maroon, etc) - use these numbers when you need it to be exact. You are responsible for understanding what you are ordering. This includes understanding the type and style of item you are ordering and then properly conveying to us what you would like to order. Do not use a cellular phone or smart phone to view your proof - colors will not always be accurate.

  6. Being informed and ordering properly and completely. You must fully specify exactly what you want to order, which design (proof number) you want and when you need your product when you place your order. You must examine your receipt fully for accuracy... what is on your receipt is what we are making for you. It is your responsibility to understand what you are ordering. A design request submission form, a previous email to a member of our company, or any previous telephone call is not an actual order and these things are not binding requests or part of your order! Quite frankly these prior things may be overlooked, not seen or not remembered. You must tell us what you want *when* you place you order... this is mandatory. Our understanding of what you ordered is being sent to you when you are sent an order confirmation (receipt). Make sure your order is right! It is your responsibility to examine your order confirmation (receipt)... if something is not on there - it is not part of your order! If you do not receive a receipt, ask for another one. Your order is started the day it is placed.

  7. Shipping your product. It's our goal to have your product delivered to you on or before the date you need it. In the case of a delay, you will be notified and we will make sure you are aware of the reason for the delay. Please remember we do no not make delivery guarantees but we will make all possible efforts to meet your deadline. In the event of a carrier delay, we will assist in wherever possible to facilitate a prompt delivery. We hope you understand, however, that we cannot guarantee our deliveries nor be held responsible for delays in shipping which are beyond our control, such as inaccurate/undeliverable address information, U.S./Foreign Customs procedures, shipping or delivery delays, weather, the misrouting of your package by UPS/FedEx/DHL, or the unavailability of the addressee. No shipping refunds are offered.

  8. Securing your product. You are responsible for your product once it is delivered by the shipper. We do not require delivery signatures. If credible evidence exists to show that your package was delivered, we consider it delivered (e.g., if shows that an item was delivered, we consider it delivered). If the customer insists that the delivery did not occur, the burden will be on the customer to submit evidence of the non-delivery. Choose your delivery address wisely.

  9. Inspecting your product immediately. You are responsible for immediately inspecting your product upon receipt from the shipper. Your date of receipt is the date the shipper delivers your product to the shipping address that you provided. You must advise us of any issues within 14 days of the date of delivery. There is no grace period on this time requirement. Be sure to let us know right away if there are any issues! If you wait longer than this, then you accept the product as received.

    In addition to providing us with proper & timely notification of any issues with your order, we must be given the reasonable opportunity to stand behind our products.

    Example:  If you wait 14 days to open your order after it's delivered, then you tell us there is something wrong three days before you need them for a specific date, this is irresponsible and unreasonable on your part. You've waited too long at that point. On time sensitive orders, we must have time to correct any impactful manufacturing errors with replacements. This is fair and reasonable. In this example, you have eliminated our window to correct an error and we will not be able do so, nor offer any kind of a refund.

C.  Online Ordering System:

Metro Pins may offer a secure online credit card processing as a convenience to our customers. The security of your financial and personal information is of the utmost importance to us. And we pledge to insure that your information is handled in the safest and most secure fashion. We request that you check and verify with your sales person prior to processing an order to ensure it can be manufactured and delivered by your due date, as once an order has been placed it may not be canceled for any reason.

D.  Mold/die Ownership:

Your product die or mold will remain property of Metro Pins, LLC and it can only be used for reorders when requested from you or someone you have given authority to. This is to ensure 100% control of your product's design and how many items are produced during the life of the design. Molds and dies are kept for two years only, then discarded.  We do not sell dies or molds.  We do not provide them as part of any order under any circumstance.

E.  International Shipments:

Customers receiving products from Metro Pins, Inc., when shipped outside of the United States, may be subject to additional fees for customs duties or VAT (Value Added Tax) which are levied once a shipment reaches its destination country. These charges are not included in our prices and we do not take responsibility for collecting or paying them. Additional charges for customs clearance must be paid by the customer; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; customers should contact their local customs office for further information. By the same token, if a customer's shipment is caged in customs, Metro Pins will assist in whatever way possible to provide additional information needed for customs clearance. Production time is approximately 10 days. We ship orders overseas via Fedex or UPS and delivery time will vary. We will supply you with a tracking number to help you follow your package during transit.

F.  Factory Direct Shipments to U.S.:

Occasionally on rush orders, a factory direct shipment is necessary to meet a customer deadline. We will make this determination and will inform you on your receipt when this is necessary. Customers receiving products directly from a Metro Pins, LLC factory outside of the United States may find their products subject to additional fees for U.S. customs duties which are levied once a shipment reaches its destination country (U.S.). These charges are not included in our prices and we do not take responsibility for collecting or paying them. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the customer; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; customers should contact their local customs office for further information. By the same token, if a customer's shipment is caged in customs, Metro Pins will assist in whatever way possible to provide additional information needed for customs clearance.

G.  Usage of trademarks, copywrited material or produced merchandise:

All of the products displayed on this web site containing corporate logos or registered/common-law trademarks are shown only to illustrate the reproduction capabilities of Metro Pins.  Purchase of merchandise from Metro Pins in no way, shape or form grants you permission to reproduce, nor does it transfer, grant or lease ownership of any logos or trademarks to you or from you.  Purchase of custom merchandise from Metro Pins does grant Metro Pins the right to show images of the completed product (or the design artwork) as examples of what Metro Pins is capable of producing unless a written request is received requesting otherwise.  Metro Pins will not resell your custom product to third parties.  Extra pieces of your merchandise are produced each time you order. These extra pieces are used to cover any factory undercounts on your order, for in-house or tradeshow product display and as possible mailed out pre-sale samples.

H.  Legal Details:

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Due to the custom nature of the products we manufacture, all sales are final. Once an order has been submitted for production, it may not be canceled for any reason. Production begins the day you place your order.

Metro Pins does not issue refunds, give credits or offer discounts. As mentioned in Paragraph A1 above, if one of the products we manufacture is found to be defective, we will gladly replace it (at no additional charge to you). We require that you submit your written claim of defective product to us within 14 days of delivery to your shipping address.


In the event that a legal dispute arises, it is agreed that the exclusive jurisdiction and venue for such a dispute is Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, USA., and that the prevailing party is entitled to reasonable attorney's fees before trial or hearing, during trial or hearing, after trial or hearing, and/or appeal. Should Metro Pins be named in a copyright/trademark infringement lawsuit arising out of Metro Pins' use of a copyright/trademark protected item provided by you for use in your product, you agree to indemnify Metro Pins for any damages and/or litigation-related expenses borne by Metro Pins.

I.  Change to Terms:

We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions from time to time as we deem appropriate by posting such changes on this website. Any changes, modifications, additions or deletions shall be effective immediately upon posting, unless otherwise indicated. We will not separately notify you that changes have been made, regardless of the scope and importance of the changes, and we encourage you to periodically check back and review these Terms and Conditions so that you will always know what terms and conditions currently apply. We reserve the right to refuse service or orders at our discretion.

We look forward to working with you, now and in the future!

"If Metro Pins didn't manufacture your last custom lapel pin or trading pin - you probably paid too much!"

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