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Triple Crown SlumpBuster Pins - Omaha Slump Buster pins!

Triple Crown SlumpBuster Trading Pin WHO ARE WE?  We are METRO PINS!  We are an independent pin company that makes trading pins for teams attending tournaments like the Triple Crown Sports SlumpBuster, the Little League World Series, Cooperstown Dreams Park and SO MANY more organization's tournaments.  We are not a part of these organizations mind you, but we can help prepare your team for their experience at these tournaments!  Let us help you prepare... You WILL need pins for these tournaments.

So each year, Omaha, Nebraska hosts the SlumpBuster tournament put on by Triple Crown Sports.  It is one of the largest youth baseball tournaments.  A great part of the SlumpBuster experience is pin trading.  Metro Pins makes trading pins for Slump Buster bound teams every year!  At the Omaha SlumpBuster, trading pins are exchanged with players from other teams and even other ages

What kind of pin should you get for the SlumpBuster?  Soft enamel pins and photoscreen pins are the most popular choice for SlumpBuster trading pins.  With soft enamel pins you can feel the pin design's surface texture.  Photoscreen pins are flat and polished smooth, providing full color and magazine-quality detail.  We've found that roughly 2/3 of Omaha Slump Buster trading pins are soft enamel (sometimes called die struck with color added) and the rest are photoscreen pins (or some related type of printed trading pin).  Soft enamel pins take longer to make (colored by hand).

Compare photoscreen & soft enamel pins

What size pin should I order?  Not too small!  Small pins can be undesirable and are sometimes shunned by players.  We've found the average SlumpBuster trading pin size to be 1.75".  We'd suggest at least 1.50", but no smaller as 2.00" pins are common. 

How many SlumpBuster pins will you need?  Triple Crown SlumpBuster trading pins are a big part of the entire experience.  Get enough for each player on your team to trade pins with every other team.  Most Slump Buster pin orders are between 50-75 pins per player.  Remember - the kids trade with everyone, not just your age group.

SLUMPBUSTER is a service mark of Triple Crown Sports Corporation.
Metro Pins is not affiliated with Triple Crown Sports Corporation.

Omaha SlumpBuster & Slump Buster pins

SlumpBuster Pins
Triple Crown SlumpBuster Pins

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Heavy Photoscreen Lapel Pins

Photoscreen Lapel Pins

"If Metro Pins didn't manufacture your last custom lapel pin or trading pin - you probably paid too much!"

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